Battleheart iPad App iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Battleheart iPad App

Like controlling your own cartoon warriors. We love it!

Features of Battleheart iPad App:

  • Easy to use and varied enough to be educational
  • Battle game that is not very violent.
  • Multi-tasking practice - FOR SURE
  • A good challenge that is tricky to achieve.
  • Fun to play

Battleheart is a beautifully illustrated battle strategy game with animations and characters. The motion and action of the characters is very 'anime' - well drawn and forceful at the same time.  

Wizards, Knights, Healers, Archers, Monks plus more fantasy realm characters to excite your imagination.  Each character type, as in real life, has their own strengths and abilities, with great level-ups and powers. 

This game is simple to control even for younger ones, the 'villains' are not too visually scary although there is still the aspect of 'fighting' and 'foes' and 'overcoming enemies'. 


Age Group: 6-12

View on the App Store: Battleheart - Mika Mobile, Inc.

New characters are earned not bought which we really like!