Matching Games - iPad Apps, Recommended

Matching Games

Matching Games for iPad and iPad mini are highly educational. It's always great to work on your memory, and with iPad it's REALLY FUN! Not only are there iPad Apps specifically designed for matching, but many storybooks include matching games within their App too.

Each of these iPad Apps are high quality and are Apps we recommend. We only put our favourite (10 out of 10) apps on - Our most recent additions are listed first.

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Matching Games we recommend:

The fabulous Animal Playground

Excellent educationally based pre-school app that has so much variety, one app covers it all!

Train Conductor

Fast action Aussie game where you need to control the cargo trains into the right stations...avoiding a crash!

I See Ewe - A Preschooler Word Game

Find the animal, colour, shape or object from the selection or play the Matching Game...perfect for toddlers, young children and special needs teaching.

Azkend 2 HD - The Puzzle Adventure

Azkend 2 is even BETTER than the original!

Collision Effect

Challenging arcade space game with explosive action fun.


Yes, MahJong - but on the iPad. This version rocks!

Woozzle HD

Unique iPad action puzzle, this App is one of a kind! Great!