Create a Car iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Create a Car

Create hundreds of different vehicles for hours of fun and imagination!

Features of Create a Car:

  • Your child will have fun e
  • Testing mode to try out your car's features in action!
  • Engineering and design experimentation.
  • Independent inventing created from a large variety of colourful and wild car 'parts'
  • Enhances creative exploration.

The Create a Car iPad app is a creative app that lets you design and build your own car from a wide selection. 

Choose the Body, Wheels and Engines and add Water and Sky Gadgets, Power Tools, and Decorations!  

See and test your vehicle in action, as all your child's chosen car parts and gadgets come to life on the screen... turn it on... see it move... and hear it grrrrr!  

You can create your own set of cars and store over twenty vehicles in your personal virtual garage. You can create 6 individual garages, which means everyone in the family can have their own set of cars they've created.   

There is always plenty of laughter and praise when we see each others inventions!

Age Group: 0-5

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