Facebook Pages Manager iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Facebook Pages Manager

Couldn't possibly Facebook my business FB pages without it!

Features of Facebook Pages Manager:

  • Manage multiple Facebook Pages with Ease
  • View page Insights on your FB posts
  • Get notified about new Fans
  • View reach and comments on individual posts
  • Upload photos and status updates fast and easily

Facebook Pages Manager is an App produced by Facebook Inc.  It is fast, intuitive and essential if you want to manage multiple Facebook Pages (Facebook profiles for business) with your iPad easily.

Manage incoming Facebook Messages and reply to them from within the App, view your photos (including viewing individual albums), see your page's Insights (to see how your Social Networking is going), and even view page Admins and control how Pages+ notifies you of posts, likes and comments.  

This app integrates with your iPad such that you can have notifications appear when someone likes or interacts with your Page. 

However, even if you have only ONE page on Facebook (other than your personal profile) this App is still wonderful. 

All and all a good (and getting better) app for managing your professional Facebook pages. Top of all the ones we've tried - but that's what I'd expect from Facebook. 

Great work, top app...and it's FREE!

Age Group: Adult

View on the App Store: Facebook Pages Manager - Facebook, Inc.

I use this app a dozen times in a working day. Literally. We do, however, manage a dozen of our own professional Facebook Profiles, so it is necessary if we want to keep up to date with what's happening.