Fashion Doodle iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Fashion Doodle

Create your own clothing designs, from 4 different garment types and hundreds of decoration possibilities!

Features of Fashion Doodle:

  • Let your imagination flow
  • Experiment with how style changes the overall look
  • This app allows you to try out design and colours. It would be difficult to replicate this learning experience
  • This is a fun artistic app that is easy to use
  • Create your own clothing designs, from 4 different garments
Make your own clothing and dress up your personalised model in this educational, easy to use artistic app by Shoe the Goose!   

Use trial and error to create shirts, skirts, pants and dresses.  Select the pattern you want and then amend the shape and style.  

Once you have it as you would like you are ready to chose the fabric and colours.  

You can create a wide range of different looks,  you start to see which work best with other and why. Personalise the model too! 

Choose a colour for your fabric and add a coloured pattern, add shoes and frills to your garment, choose from 150 plus badges, beads, bows and decorations.

A fabulous artistic experience! 

Age Group: 3-12

View on the App Store: Fashion Doodle - Shoe the Goose

All the clothes you have made are available in her closet. It is great to build up a collection of clothing that you have made, boosts self confidence and artistic development.