GarageBand iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: GarageBand

Rock and Roll or Orchestrate with this amazing music creation App by Apple!

Features of GarageBand:

  • Excellent music creation tool
  • Teaches multi-track recording
  • Diverse range of instruments
  • Smart instruments for chords and loops
  • Export music for use in other apps or export to iTunes & share

GarageBand is an app by Apple which turns your iPad into a virtual recording studio. This is the best music creation app we've evaluated. This app is amazing.  

You really can make your own orchestra from a full range of instruments, the touch screen technology of iPad makes it so realistic!  There are also pre-recorded tracks to use to get you started and you can record your own voice and integrate it to make your own music. 

You can share your songs with others via Facebook, you tube, or email them directly. You can even add your song to the iTunes library!

Perfect music exploration tool, brilliant!

Age Group: 6-Adult

View on the App Store: GarageBand - Apple

GarageBand is so easy to use that our son created his own track "Superheroes Always Save the Day" which he produced in about 30 minutes on GarageBand!