Governing Australia iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Governing Australia

Excellent educational app all about the Australian Government, in fine detail with multimedia.

Features of Governing Australia:

  • Find out about how the Government is setup and chosen via the voting system
  • Check learning questions throughout help you to focus
  • Simplistic and well drawn illustrations enhance understanding
  • Short movies explain so clearly how the votes are counted
  • Perfect app for anyone who wants to understand the governing system, which we think every child and adult could benefit from
There are 10 main topics each with sub topics: The Constitution, Federal Government,  Parliament, Executive Government, Members of Parliament, How Laws are passed, How Government is funded,  Voting, Counting the Votes and Resources. 

Each of these have excellent illustrations to accompany the text, which is written in an easy to understand way.  
This app would be suitable for children age 12 and upwards  and adults. 

The short movies are excellent and illustrate how the votes are calculated, so you actually understand it. Perfect for a project, general education and essential is your child is struggling with this subject and needs to learn it!

Age Group: 9-Adult

View on the App Store: Governing Australia - Tinc Design Pty Ltd

At the time of this election it is perfect to go through with your child so they too understand the processes at work within the government.