Interactive Alphabet ABCs iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Interactive Alphabet ABCs

A colourful interactive simplistic alphabet App for toddlers featuring Upper Case, Lower Case, Phonics, Music and Sound for optimal learning.

Features of Interactive Alphabet ABCs:

  • Simple to use, toddlers can master it easily
  • Upper and Lower case letter recognition
  • Phonetical pronunciation of each letter
  • Animated graphics making full use of iPad's touch-screen technology
  • Colourful, vibrant and' sure to delight

This cute App is both fun and educational, it fully engages your toddler.  Your child chooses the letter they want from the alphabet displayed and it appears with a corresponding picture.  

The  narrator says : 

Example: R is for Robot, then pronounces the letter phonetically. 

When you touch the picture you watch it come to life!  Your child waits with excitement to 'see' what happens in the picture.  When your child touches the picture it moves in other ways, adding a few more thrills!

The traditional ABC alphabet song is featured on this App which adds music and song to the overall experience, this is a really nice addition. 

You can also change the accent of the narrator from American to British, there are instructions on how to do this within the App.  

Choose from 3 different musical backgrounds or select no music. 

Age Group: 0-5

View on the App Store: Interactive Alphabet ABC's - Piikea St. LLC

This App includes a BABY MODE with an automatic play so your child watches the alphabet as as movie.