Interactive Minds: Solar System iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Interactive Minds: Solar System

Wonderfully informative and interactive app covering the main subjects of our solar system.

Features of Interactive Minds: Solar System:

  • Discover all about the planets of our solar system in many different mediums
  • Use the size comparison between planets to really understand them
  • Lots of information about 17 different space subjects all in one app
  • Plenty of activity, photos and movies to fully engage your child
  • Perfect for any educational project about our solar system
There are 17 main subjects including The Planets, Dwarf Planets, The Sun, The Moon, Gravity, Magnetic Fields, Space Exploration, The Milky Way, Planet Revolutions, Rotation and Size Comparisons and Cosmic Relations.

Starting with an overview of Cosmic Relations focusing on the Sun, Moon, the Planets and Dwarf Planets.  Each one can be selected individually and there is detailed simply explained information supported by great photographs and in some cases videos.  

Find out how planetary rings and moons are formed, learn about gravitational and magnetic forces and uncover information on asteroids, meteors and comets.  

Planetary Rotation: Show easily why it's hot at the equator and why there's day and night using the Planetary Rotation. 
Planetary Size Comparison: Compare the sizes of planets to each other and to the sun and moon in this fascinating and simple to use activity.
Planet Revolutions: Easily see why it takes Neptune 164 Earth Years to orbit the sun and compare the rotation times of all the orbiting planets.
Solar System Scale: Demonstrate to your child just how far there between planets using the Scale. 

 I'd say this is a must have for any iPad Educational library, it's one of the easiest ways to share our planet and it's surroundings with our children! 

Age Group: 6-Adult

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Explore the app first yourself so you know what it is capable of. The information is detailed and all held within the app without needing to be on-line to use it. Learn at your own pace and become as involved as you want to be with your child's study. Reading required. This is one of the best Apps we have found of its kind. Perfectly designed for children of around 5+ and adults will find it informative too!