iYoga - Premium iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: iYoga - Premium

Your personal, informative, interactive yoga class made easy and portable!

Features of iYoga - Premium:

  • Over 80 Yoga poses from 2 angles with full written and verbal instructions.
  • Personalise your own yoga program by selecting the poses, order and hold time length and even play on the TV.
  • Understand what is happening in your body by seeing the contracting and expanding muscles.
  • English and Sanskrit names for all poses.
  • Pre-set routines ranging from 10 minute stretch work outs to longer sessions.
We all know how beneficial yoga is for our body and this App makes actually doing yoga much  easier.  As a mother of three homeschooled children I do not attend a yoga class but still like the benefits of a good body work out...thanks to this App it is not only possible, but easy!

Choose from a selection of over 80 beginner poses, with intermediate an advanced poses available as an in-app purchase add on.  
You can select the poses you want in a number of convenient ways:
By selecting a part of the body you wish to focus on.
By selecting a type of pose such as standing, sitting, inversion etc.
By selecting a skill level.

This type of selection process allows you to tailor a program especially for your own individual needs.  

You can browse all the yoga poses, the content is REALLY comprehensive! Each pose comes complete with: a movie, a set of written instructions, verbal instructions, Sanskrit and English terms, 2 different angles you can view from and views of each of the muscles contracting and stretching.

This movie has been animated using motion capture technology, the female model is moving in real time perfectly for you to follow her moves, including smooth transitions into and out of poses. 

To aid your yoga practise there are a range of 7 pre-set yoga sequences such as Lunchtime Energiser,  Daily Tune-Up,  Short Morning Stretch,  Energiser/Back-bends. This makes it much easier to keep a yoga routine.

Set your own routine by choosing the poses you want in a particular sequence, as well as adjusting how long you hold in each pose.  Unique yoga designed by you for you!

You can even view the App on the big screen making the entire experience much more vivid, it feels as if you have the company of the model.

Age Group: 9-Adult

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