Jungle Coins iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Jungle Coins

This app caters for young children just learning to recognise coins right up to older children using it for more advanced counting. Learn to recognise and count foreign coins.(18 currencies are included.)

Features of Jungle Coins:

  • Many different ways to learn to count with coins to facilitate complete understanding
  • Great App for all ages and all learning levels, you can set it to allow skipping, must answer, and must answer correctly
  • Fun and beautifully illustrated with motivational animal sounds and smiles when your child gets it right
  • Toddlers can enjoy the first level of this app as well as their older siblings
  • Can be used to identify and understand other coins and currencies for a holiday coming up or for your child who is interested in foreign coins

This App is great to learn to recognise coins within your currency and those of other countries.  With many different settings and levels available this App is very comprehensive and even toddlers can play it!

There are 4 main categories. 

  • FIND: "Move all the coins of one type (named) to the right"   Your child selects all the correct coins and moves them to the right.
  • COUNT: "Count the money"  Your child sets the digital display to the correct amount.
  • COMPARE: "Compare the left and the right totals" Your child sets the digital display according to whether the left coin total is greater than > or less < than the right coin total shown.
  • CORRECT CHANGE: "You paid X for an item that costs Y, slide the correct change to the right." Your child calculates the correct change and moves the correct coins to the right.

Each time your child gets a question right the animal makes a happy sound with a matching smile...five in a row gets a special well done from all the Jungle animals!  Your child will look forward to this special recognition and it is a good way to set your objective. (i.e Once you have scored 3 sets of 5 you can move on to the next level.)

One of a excellent Educational Trio...well done Andrew!

Age Group: 3-12

View on the App Store: Jungle Coins - Andrew Short

If you are sharing an iPad between children you can add other users by name as this awesome App follows the progress of your child's learning. It monitors how many correct and incorrect and totals it as a percentage. All scores can be reset. Within 'settings' you can choose to turn the background jungle sounds, animal sounds, coins sounds and the voice on or off. With the voice on (a lovely child's voice) your child gets to HEAR the coin value as they tap, this helps them to know if they are right or not and also makes the App able to be used without the need to read. The voice is that of a child which is non-threatening.