Jungle Fractions iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Jungle Fractions

Well thought out and beautifully illustrated with excellent features - top class App! This App is excellent for young children.

Features of Jungle Fractions:

  • A VERY comprehensive course in learning all about fractions
  • A Fun way to learn, with beautifully illustrations and great motivational features
  • Your child will definitely be able to use and calculate fractions after working your way through this app. Perfect for assisting if your child doesn't understand fractions
  • Makes a tricky subject much easier to learn
  • Great App for all ages and all learning levels, you can set it to allow skipping, must answer, and must answer correctly

This app is fabulous for all aspects of learning fractions for beginners through to more advanced learners.  This is an excellently designed app by someone who clearly understands what is required to learn fractions. There are 5 main categories each designed to teach a different essential aspect about fractions and how to use them effectively:


  • NAME: "What is the correct fraction?"   Your child selects the correct fraction (nominator and denominator) using the digital display according to the fraction shown.
  • COMPARE: "Compare the 2 fractions" Your child sets the digital display according to whether the left fraction is greater than > or less < than the second fraction shown.
  • CONVERT: "Convert the displayed fraction into either a mixed or improper fraction." Your child works out which is the correct answer and sets the digital display with the correct answer.
  • ADD: "What is total of one fraction plus the second fraction" Your child adds them together.
  • MULTIPLY: "What is total of the first fraction multiplied by the second fraction" Your child multiplies the two fractions and sets the answer on the digital display.

Within the "settings" you can increase the levels to include fractions up to 12 parts.  There are 5 difficulty levels bringing you to an advanced knowledge of fractions, theses levels are all available within the 5 main categories.

This is an excellent feature as you can progress with your child as they learn and gain confidence.  In the LEARN section you are taken through the definitions and explanations of each part of the fraction.  

Your child learns about Nominator, Denominator, Fractions, Mixed Fractions and Improper Fractions.  One of a excellent Educational Trio...well done Andrew!

Age Group: 6-Adult

View on the App Store: Jungle Fractions - Andrew Short

This App really has it all. You can choose the jungle sounds on or off, same with animal sounds, and voice on or off. With the voice on your child gets to HEAR the fraction, this helps them to know if they are right or not and it means they do not need to be able to read in order to learn fractions! If you are sharing an iPad between children you can add other users by name as this awesome App follows the progress of your child's learning. It monitors how many correct and incorrect and totals it as a percentage. All scores can be reset. To add a little bit of extra fun your child can choose from 6 different animals to place in the centre of their fractions a nice touch for little one's! Each animal makes its own congratulatory sound when your child gets it right and smiles! No reading required with voice feature on.