Kingdom Rush iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Kingdom Rush

Out of all the Tower Defense games we've played, this one comes out on top!

Features of Kingdom Rush:

  • Superb graphics make this a pleasure to look at as well as play
  • Enhances strategic thinking
  • Just difficult enough to be challenging, but not so difficult as to be off putting
  • Ability to redeploy your forces enhances your gameplay
  • Great additional abilities (power ups) are fun and empowering

Out of all the Tower Defense games we've played, and we've tried a few, this one comes out on top.  Amazing graphics, exciting characters, and challenging levels - it's like playing a mini animated movie.  Excellent!

The purpose of Tower Defense games is to stop adversaries from getting through to the other side of a map, usually as they progress along a path leading to the other side.  The way to stop them is by building towers with different abilities which vary from shooting things to creating 'heroes' along the path to stop them.  

Four types of towers (knights, wizards, archers, and artillery) and several types of heroes give you a great selection of defenses to utilize.  

Strategy is the key in this game with many levels of increasing difficulty and amazing 'monsters' to battle.  Everyone in the family (except our 3 year old) is really enjoying this game. 

Each stage of the game has three levels.  After every level you are rewarded with 'stars' which you can spend enhancing (upgrading) the ability of your warriors.   

Age Group: 9-Adult

View on the App Store: Kingdom Rush HD - Ironhide S.A.

There ARE in-app purchases in this game, but it can be played fully without purchasing any of the in-app enhancements. Make sure your Parental Controls are set to have in-app purchases disabled.