MahJong!! iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: MahJong!!

Yes, MahJong - but on the iPad. This version rocks!

Features of MahJong!!:

  • Mahjong matching skills
  • Iconographic recognition
  • Good cooperative game
  • No reading required
  • Many boards keeps this game interesting

My great-grandmother left me a Mahjong set that I used to play as a child at her home.   Made by her brother, it gave me hours of fun trying to match and move the tiles around. I had no idea it was an ancient game played by millions through the far East... I just thought it was a kids matching game!  I love it nonetheless.

Just like a real-world Mahjong set, Mahjong+ is a beautiful re-creation of this ancient tile-based game.  

Moving and matching tiles is the essential part of MahJong.  The tiles are stacked in different patterns, and you can only match tiles that are on the outer edges, and uncovered by tiles on top.  Matching them is as easy as tapping on them.  

This game is traditionally played one on one like Solitaire or played in pairs or as a team, which adds to the fun!

Choose from a range of beautiful backgrounds and tile types. 

We like this version for its beauty and simplicity.  Just what Mahjong should be.

Great app!

Age Group: 6-Adult

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MahJong is a good game to know how to play. Played by millions in Asia, Mahjong is one of our favourite games.