Majesty the Fantasy Kingdom Sim iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Majesty the Fantasy Kingdom Sim

One of our favourite computer games NOW for iPad! Still great! Wahoo!!

Features of Majesty the Fantasy Kingdom Sim:

  • First class simulation allows an opportunity to explore cause and effect
  • You are managing many factors of your Kingdom simultaneously
  • There are many different missions and different levels that increase ability and skill over time.
  • Each play is unique and produces a different result
  • Enhances entrepenurial skills

Majesty is a fantasy simulation game that is set in the Kingdom of Ardania. You play the role of the King and it is your job to build your kingdom using money earned within the game and complete one of 14 missions. 

Majesty is a combination of tower defense and simulation game of the highest class!!!  

Create all types of Guilds and Temples housing warriors, rangers, wizards and all types of other magical and non-magical characters. Marketplaces supply items to your subjects and in turn provides income

You cannot directly control the Ardanians but you know what motivates them by type and how to get them to respond to what you want.  The element of their own 'free will' does add an added element of uncertainty which is fun! 

You have to face a host of different obstacles and enemies along the way, you need to strategise, organise and implement.  

You can also set the level of difficulty for added challenge and extended game play time. One of the best value apps of all time!  We LOVE it!!

Age Group: 9-Adult

View on the App Store: Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim - HeroCraft Ltd.

There are so many aspects to this game that to really understand and play, it takes time and practise. It can be a difficult game, especially for children as each game is LENGTHY. SAVE FEATURE: This is a long game and is mostly played over time rather than in one iPad turn. Reading required.