Numbers iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Numbers

Just when I thought it was difficult to replace Excel... I discovered Numbers!

Features of Numbers:

  • Easy to use spreadsheet App with well designed and simple to understand instructions
  • Very versatile. Easy to cut, paste and move rows or columns
  • Wide range of tools available to enhance your work: colours, fonts, charts!
  • Intuitive: well designed to maximise on iPad's touch-technology
  • Works in conjunction with other Apps which enhances it's usefulness

Just when I thought it was difficult to use iPad for the equivalent of 'excel',  I discovered 'Numbers'.  Now that I have this app I will never had the need to use my computer again for spreadsheets, yahoo! This app is so easy to use and navigate, it lends itself perfectly to the touch-technology of iPad.

You can add items, colour code, insert, format, move items around, delete and edit all quickly and easily.  It is actually fun to use this 'spreadsheet' app.  With a touch of a button you can add Formulas, Media, Charts and Shapes into your spreadsheet. 

Using FORMS is so useful.  Having set up your form fields, you collect data, such as a survey or basic information and then it is displayed in other formats.   This information can then EASILY be formatted into a table to see all the results displayed together at a glance!  All changes to your 'form' are AUTOMATICALLY reflected in your table. FAB!

You can SHARE easily by email, printing or copying your documents  into Numbers, PDF or Excel format.  This document can then be opened in other apps such as iThoughts, FTP on the GO, Course Notes, Kindle plus more...

Age Group: 12-Adult

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