Nyx Quest HD iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Nyx Quest HD

An adventurous character quest, different and challenging!

Features of Nyx Quest HD:

  • Problem solving
  • Quick thinking
  • Strategic planning
  • Hand eye coordination
  • Mythological theme

You must help 'Nyx' find her friend Icarus by flying her through an ancient Greek setting moving obstacles out of her way, avoiding dangerous creatures and dodging falling columns.  You are taken on a journey through Greek mythology where you can invoke the power of the 'Gods' to assist you on your Quest!

Nyx can fly which adds a nice twist to the game. There are also some very creative graphics within this app. The game has 12 levels which brings you to a definite ending. The children were really proud of themselves when they managed to win the last level and complete game.

There are 'checkpoints' in this game which allow you to begin again from the last checkpoint so you do not have to begin at the level again, this feature means the children enjoy it more.

This is a fast moving action game which we do find quite intense for younger children, so we limit this game play time to 15 minutes.

Age Group: 6-12

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This game gets a little spooky, not for little children.