Pango and Friends iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Pango and Friends

The second in the series of Pango, the loveable Racoon and his playful friends are back!

Features of Pango and Friends:

  • Perfect length for toddlers to keep them fully engaged
  • Complete simple activities which require counting and finding hidden objects
  • Cute characters involved in everyday activities
  • Exciting and inspirational
  • Reading together strengthens your read-together time

Your toddler will love the cute and friendly Pango the Racoon.  Each book includes 5 short stores about Pango and his experiences in everyday life.  Each story has 4 pages with a task for your little one to complete. 

The bonus activities in this book is a jigsaw puzzles of cute scenes.  There is pleasant music and great sound effects along with each story.

Pango is a wonderful role model who promotes the sharing of feelings and love, a sense of adventure and friendship.  He bakes a cake for Rabbit's 3rd birthday, takes a trip on the high seas and enjoys splashing in puddles in this excellent second book. 

Your child's involvement in the book is the key.  Children need to 'help out' throughout the stories, such as helping Pango to find his night time blanket and Squirrel to find his nuts.  This builds self confidence, compassion and helpfulness, all which are great values to have.

Age Group: 0-5

View on the App Store: Pango and friends - Studio Pango

Pango is also available in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese and Chinese and is accessed by changing your iPad language settings.