Pango Storytime iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Pango Storytime

An introduction to the loveable and friendly Pango and his friends Squirrel, Fox, Rabbit and Piggy!

Features of Pango Storytime:

  • Pleasant music and great sound effects accompany each story
  • Observe Pango in everyday situations that a human would encounter
  • Learn to count in several simple ways
  • Rescue Pango and his friends & be recognised as the hero of the day
  • The Pango Books focus on "Sharing" - a wonderful theme

These lovely interactive books introduce Pango and his friends - this is the first in the series and is a FREE iPad App.  

Wonderful for building an iPad reading-time with your child, and getting them used to 'reading' as a context for using iPad.   Pango says "Well Done" after each activity which is very encouraging and motivational.

This first book features taking a bath, home repair, apples, hide and seek and balloon. 

The 6th interactive feature of this book is an activity: "Find the hidden picture."  Rub your finger over the 6 individual storybook pictures to reveal what is hidden behind them.  

The tasks to complete are easy for toddlers and well suited to iPad technology.  Pango books are very easy to read with simple tasks specifically designed for very young children to enjoy.  

Pango is playful, expressive and friendly, a lovely role model for little ones.

Age Group: 0-5

View on the App Store: Pango Storytime - Studio Pango

You read this TO your little one.