School Writing – Learn to write and more iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: School Writing – Learn to write and more

Totally comprehensive App for learning how to write letters, numbers and shapes suitable for pre-school children upwards.

Features of School Writing – Learn to write and more:

  • A full course taking your child through pre-school shape formations to writing sentences
  • Learn how to write numbers, shapes, upper and lower case letters and words with maths puzzles and other activities too
  • Individual account setup with progress recorded for easy tracking
  • Easy, medium and hard. Hints and grids are available.
  • Show guidelines to aid learning and fully customise font choice, type of tracing guide, encouragements plus more
This is a very effective, well designed, fully comprehensive writing course, perfect for the special needs environment. Designed for students and teachers this content can be exported and emailed to track learning. 

Audio recording is possible for phonetic accuracy or instructions that can be played while your child traces. 

When your child practises, if they get it right they earn a star, or a half star for nearly right, or they need to redo it.  

Start the course at shapes and pre- letter formations for toddlers and young children.  This course includes tracing shapes, simple maths, dot to dots, letter order and has 14 lessons.

Within the WORDS section there are 35 excellent lessons including Words Starting With, Family Names, Fill in the Missing Letters,  Write the Words in the Pictures, Unscramble Words, Using Words in Sentences, Opposites, Incorrect Spelling and Missing Vowels.

Age Group: 3-12

View on the App Store: School Writing – AU/NZ - demografix pty ltd

Within these lessons the are lots of individual exercises making this a great value for money App, with the potential of creating your own unique lessons too! Set the difficulty level to easy, medium or hard for measuring accuracy. Using a stylus emulates pen and paper style learning.