Tesla Toy iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Tesla Toy

An interactive particle app that responds to your touch creating delightfuly colourful and visually stunning images.

Features of Tesla Toy:

  • Meditative, contemplative, as well as 'in the now' creativity
  • Daydreaming: No desired objective, relaxed and playful
  • Physics: Seeing your electric field in motion
  • Zen creativity
  • Creating beautiful pieces of energy art
Tesla Toy - iPad App Reviewed

TeslaToy iPad App is truly amazing and so unique.  It is an interactive particle app that responds to your touch.  Your fingers create a powerful electric field which causes all the thousands of particles to react.  The art you create is literally an expression of your energy field!  

This is a fantastic free-flowing creative play tool!  You can generate colourful and visually stunning images with colour and shapes which are created as you touch the iPad! You can use one, two or lots of fingers for sensational and varied results.

Meditative, contemplative, as well as 'in the now' creativity. As a sand mandala is washed away, so are the beautiful patterns that are displayed. A good artistic lesson to learn.

A different style of app that really utilises how fabulous a tool the iPad actually is!

It is definitely worth the money, this is a long time favourite of ours which has been on the iPad since we bought it.  I shouldn't imagine any reason to ever take it off, it is a totally different experience playing with it each and every time!

Age Group: All Ages

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I find the children play this when they're just daydreaming - very much like digital doodling. PHOTOS: For best photographic results another person should take the screen shots for your gallery using the home and on-off button simultaneously.