The Mouse Who Lived On The Moon iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: The Mouse Who Lived On The Moon

Gizmo the mouse lives on his own on the moon and is only interested in greed and selfishness until a visit to Earth teaches him the importance of friendship and sharing!

Features of The Mouse Who Lived On The Moon:

  • Inspires our children to appreciate the qualities of a friendship and what is brings to each person's life
  • A great moral victory of caring, sharing and happiness over greed, acquisition and aloofness
  • Little mouse doesn't know what he is missing until he experiences it for himself
  • This book inspires a sense of adventure and exploration in our children
  • Great interactive book with lots of interesting activities for little fingers to experience throughout the story

Gizmo Mouse lives alone on the moon, where everything is made of green cheese.  His daily life is consumed with gathering more and more cheese to hoard up and keep for himself.  

He sits a a long dining table alone eating as much cheese as he can, he swims in his big swimming pool alone, he wanders around his giants mansion on his flying car alone, his sits in his own personal movie theatre alone...until one day a spaceship arrives from the 'blue planet', Earth!

Gizmo decides to jump aboard the space rocket to see if the blue planet is made of blue cheese so he can consume and gather more and more for himself making him the richest mouse in the Universe!

On Earth there are new adventures.  Doodad a friendly rat saves his life and they quickly become friends.  They play together, eat together and enjoy the experience of being alive.  

When faced with the opportunity to return to the moon, Gizmo realises that his lonely life of wealth accumulation is nowhere near as enjoyable as his fun filled life spent with his friend....he stays on Earth to enjoy his new happy home.

Age Group: 3-12

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This tongue in cheek story with aptly names characters Gizmo and Doodad illustrate beautifully that friendship, fun, caring and sharing are more important than the pursuit of wealth and the accumulation of 'things'! A wonderful tale instilling the important qualities life has to offer of love, laughter, friendship and sharing. There are plenty of ways to interact with this book for toddlers and children of all ages can enjoy this valuable story.