Toca Tea Party iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Toca Tea Party

Create your own Tea Party for 3 guests, serve tea, juice and a variety of cakes and biscuits.

Features of Toca Tea Party:

  • Fantastic pretend play possibilities which is so important in our child's development
  • Freedom of choice as your child decides everything from decor to food, drink and even the music!
  • The illustrations are beautiful and perfect for a little girls or boys tea party
  • Learn how to host a tea party
  • Perfect opportunity to play with parents, friends, siblings and cuddly animals!
Enjoy the Tea Party, with friends or host a teddy bear or doll tea party!  Both of these playing options are lots of fun and great role playing for the future. 

Start by choosing a tablecloth, then plates, from a range of 3 each.  This gives the basic decor of your table.  Next the choice of drinks, choose one for each guest from the selection of four. 

Choose from 9 bright and colourful cakes, donuts and cookies for each guest.

The Tea Party is all ready for the guests to arrive. 

Watch your glass or cup fill up as you pour, eat your sweet treats and see who would like more?  Choose the music on the radio and wipe up spills with the tissues!  Enjoy the party until all the food has gone.

The party ends with washing the dishes...very true to life.  

Age Group: 0-5

View on the App Store: Toca Tea Party - Toca Boca AB

This is a very easy to use app that has a sequence of events that happen automatically, with no additional buttons, only the choices you make as host of the party!