Twitter iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Twitter

Tweet with ease from almost anywhere on your iPad

Features of Twitter:

  • Fully integrated Twitter makes it easy to Tweet
  • Manage multiple Twitter accounts easily
  • Change your twitter settings and profile information
  • Set your notifications to be notified of tweets, retweets or mentions
  • Get new followers and follow others with one tap

Integrated into your new iPad, it is much easier to 'tweet' than ever before.  If you've not yet explored the world of Twitter now is the time.  Easy to set up, easy to use. 

Twitter is one of the two most popular Social Networking platforms around today.  'Tweets' are short messages with photographs or links that you post from your account which all of your 'followers' see when they browse their Twitter feed.   Tweets are short-and-sweet and usually revolve around sharing what's going on in your life or business 'right now'.   It's the immediacy of Twitter that makes it so engaging. 

With the Twitter App for iPad, exploring this social network is fun and easy.  Connect with others, discover trending and popular stories, view who is following you, and search for others to follow.  Easily edit your profile and even manage multiple Twitter accounts, switching between them with one tap.   

I can see why Apple integrated Twitter directly into the iPad operating system - it's brilliant.  The best Twitter App for iPad is Twitter! 

Age Group: Adult

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