Wee Rockets iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Wee Rockets

Create, launch & fly your own rocket! Perfect App for toddlers and younger children.

Features of Wee Rockets:

  • Create your own rocket by choosing the pieces you prefer, promoting independent choice
  • Basic understanding of what is required to get a rocket into space
  • Skill using iPad and it's touch-technology during the 'flight in space' stage
  • Hand and eye co-ordination skills are developed while collecting aliens and avoiding meteors
  • Colour matching to create a colour co-ordinated rocket

This cute iPad App is simple to use - making it perfect for toddlers to enjoy!

Watch as your excited little one chooses from various rocket parts to build their own rocket.

Each part of the rocket (base, body, port hole, top) has 4 style choices.   This feature is excellent as your toddler does not 'have to' get it right, they can just have fun choosing and creating what's they want!

Once the rocket is built you choose from 4 possible animal and people characters to climb aboard, then the rocket is ready to 'take off'. With Rocket and astronaut in place, 3 RED lights come on and turn GREEN and then it's... Blast Off...

When your rocket blasts into space your child touches to move their rocket left, right, up and down. There are meteors to dodge or blast into. You also fly past cute and colourful aliens which your toddler can rescue/collect. Once across the outer space 'finish line' you get to see your rocket with the total number of aliens you collected in one screen shot.

! It doesn't matter if you don't collect all the aliens! WE really like that it's purely fun and creative without the need for a result-orientated goal.

Very easy to use and fun for little ones to play!

Age Group: 0-5

View on the App Store: Wee Rockets - Wee Taps

My older children enjoy playing Rocket Speller and Mathmateer (formally Rocket Math). Both these Apps are hard for toddlers to play as they need to carry out maths and spelling tasks in order to build and launch the rocket. Wee Rockets provides the same fun for our little girl without having to complete the academic goals of these other Educational Apps. This App is highly recommended! No reading required.