Wee Subs iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Wee Subs

Simple to use creative App helping your child to construct their own submarine and launch it into the ocean!

Features of Wee Subs:

  • See what you need to create a submarine in very basic terms
  • Put together all the parts ready for launch and deep sea cruise
  • Your child is free to choose their own parts supporting independent play
  • No defined goal other than to make your sub. Everything is at your child's pace
  • Have fun when the sub is in the water and enhance fine motor skills

Wee Subs, is a game where you create your own custom made submarine from the 16 choices of parts available.

First the body, then the tail fin, next the periscope and finally the porthole.  Each time your child adds a part they are taken to a new screen for the next choice, building it sequentially.

After the submarine is built, choose one of 4 characters (there are more choices available) to climb on board... then get ready for launch. Next the Sub is seen at the top of a fabulous looking rickety wooden launch bay.  Pull the rope off to the side and down goes your sub into the water below!

Whilst under water your child can steer the submarine.

Move it up and down to 'collect' fish as well as either avoid or ram into the obstacles that are floating around!

Age Group: 0-5

View on the App Store: Wee Subs - Wee Taps

From the makers of 'Wee Rockets' comes the next chapter...Wee Subs. This is wonderful to develop their fine motor skills. No reading required.