Woolizoo's Ocean Rescue iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Woolizoo's Ocean Rescue

A beautiful, colourful, environmentally conscious games app created with crochet.

Features of Woolizoo's Ocean Rescue:

  • Save the ocean and rescue it's animals brings awareness to your child
  • 16 different games in an easy to use interface
  • Motivational game where your child collects stars as they complete the tasks
  • Brings knowledge of all the different types of things that are happening to the ocean to your child
  • Great for memory, eye hand coordination, intellect, map skills and enhancing compassion
Your child is the hero, they must help to rescue the ocean from all the things that are happening to it, such as:
Change factories to wind turbines, clean up the ocean rubbish, rescue trapped and netted turtles and whales, plant seeds, help newly hatched babies, transform fishing trawlers into whale watching boats, help mummies find their babies, repair the cracking icebergs, clean the penguins and match the fish...plus more.

Choose an area of the map that you want to explore, each gives you 4 unique games to participate in. You can work out the purpose of each game without too much difficulty, there are no written instructions. 

Watch your island transform as you complete your Eco-tasks! No ads, no in app purchases just great activities for your young caring child to complete. 

This excellent app teaches indirectly about green energy, sustainability, climate change and ocean destruction...these games are conversation starters with your older child or perfect for project discussions. 

Age Group: 3-9

View on the App Store: Woolizoo's Ocean Rescue - Nick Fettke

This is an excellent app for that is a real asset to teach your child about environmental awareness in a fun yet real way.