Woozzle HD iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Woozzle HD

Unique iPad action puzzle, this App is one of a kind! Great!

Features of Woozzle HD:

  • Forward thinking (must plan ahead)
  • Quick decision making
  • Advanced visual problem solving
  • Challenging, keeps mind actively involved
  • Fun to move the 'parts' that alter the path of the balls.

Woozzle is probably best described as a 'fast paced puzzle and logic game' which I know seems like a lot to fit into a description... but that's what Woozzle is!   If you've got a love of puzzles and mazes, this is the game for you, it is fabulous and well worth the money!

It's an engaging, 'thinking brain' workout with 135 game levels, that we have not nearly reached all of yet.  This is really a very challenging game and is perfect for children from ages 6 and upwards to master!

This is one of those games that we think is good for proper brain development.  It's a motion-maze.  The satisfaction comes from completing the puzzle... but it's NOT a passive game.  They must THINK and PLAY. It's actually quite hard to describe, best just to buy it and see what we mean!

Woozzle is a great addition to your iPad Games selection. Educational whilst having fun - a winner for parents and children!!

Age Group: 6-Adult

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With the kids, a Woozzle 'turn' every now and then engages that part of their brain and is fun... until it gets too hard. The key is to stop them BEFORE they get 'frustrated'. No reading required.