Blues Clues Series 1 - a review

Where's Blue? Need a clue? Work it out with Blue's Clues! Smash hit - Nickelodeon American TV Series. 20 episodes around 25 minutes each!

What we think:

  • Engaging narrator keeps kids involved, entertained, empowered and challenged to work out the 'puzzle' of each stand alone episode.
  • Blue is the friendly fun loving and creative dog and Steve needs your help to find out what Blue is communicating with her 'clues'.
  • Wide variation in themes for each show, set in the home with Blue's 'Clues' hidden throughout the story.

Blue, a little lady dog, leads us through the series with 'clues' that tell us what Blue is trying to say.  The narrator is highly energetic, clear talking, and does a great job interacting with all the characters and the viewers.  Seamless.  Great for little children in so many educational and entertaining ways!

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