ABC - Learn to Read iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: ABC - Learn to Read

Simple app perfect for early readers with multiple choice answers to fully engage your child!

Features of ABC - Learn to Read:

  • Simple to use app for young children and special needs.
  • Multiple choice answers test your child's reading ability.
  • Helps with upper and lower case letter and word recognition.
  • Learn about colour, shape, position, objects, counting plus more.
  • Available in 8 languages.
Pam the Princess, Mary the Monkey, Sam the Snake, Gina the Ghost, Carl the Car and Mark the Monster.

Each has their own story that includes 10 pages of simple text with pictures.  

As well as simply reading the text your child chooses the picture that matches the words, providing engagement and challenge to their task.  If your child chooses incorrectly then the words will change to ensure they do not just keep clicking random answers!

Age Group: 3-9

View on the App Store: ABC - Learn to read - aMASE AB

Reading is required.