Pango is Dreaming iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Pango is Dreaming

Short stories with Pango and friends. This book features building a space rocket, a play at the park, putting on a magic show, cleaning up and a starry night.

Features of Pango is Dreaming:

  • Toddler age books with the perfect amount of words, pictures and interactivity.
  • Experience the animations as your child touches them, a great intro to iPad.
  • Short story to engage and hold your child's attention.
  • Read this book WITH your child for friendship and joy.
  • Book 4 in a great series, allows your child to have relatedness with the characters over time.
My little girl, aged 4, simply adores Pango, the things he gets up to and how she gets to interact with him and his friends via iPad!

Pango is a friendly racoon who has fun playing with his animal friends everyday and experiencing new things.  The 5 friends are helpful to each other, and make good role-models for preschoolers.

Meet squirrel, pig, fox and rabbit as they play at the park, blast off into space,  vacuum the floor, see shooting stars, put on a magic show, go on the see-saw, and other great things that toddlers and young children will enjoy. 

In this book there are 5 stories to participate in as well as 6 fun mazes to add to the overall appeal and value of the Book App. There are another 4 books in the series, all every bit as enjoyable!

Other languages available are French, Italian, Spanish, German, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. 

Age Group: 0-5

View on the App Store: Pango is dreaming - Studio Pango

Reading required to understand the story and the interactions your child needs to complete. Your child can just select items but the I encourage you to sit with your little one and read the book together.