Air Hockey Gold iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Air Hockey Gold

Play like real air hockey. . . but is finger-safe. For one or two players!

Features of Air Hockey Gold:

  • Hand eye coordination skills are enhanced.
  • Improve fine motor skill reaction time.
  • Modes for self or competitive play from kiddie to insane (it gets fast!)
  • 2 player mode makes 'iPad time', together time!
  • This game is fun and it gets the adrenalin rushing.

I love to play air hockey, but I find when I get the chance, usually I'm more concerned about getting my fingers pinched than playing right... but this app makes the fun of Air Hockey come alive again... wherever you are! 

We like this version of Air Hockey Gold because you can play iPad vs iPad (PvP) and have your iPad to yourself while playing your friend on theirs. 

A cool addition to your iPad games!

Age Group: 3-Adult

View on the App Store: Air Hockey Gold - Acceleroto

Make sure your child is OFFLINE when they play this game, with in-app purchases are OFF as there are adverts. Basic reading required.