iMovie iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: iMovie

Brilliant way of making movies right on your iPad!

Features of iMovie:

  • Empowering: Anyone can make a movie!
  • Confidence Building: An Easy to use intuitive navigation
  • Story Board is already set up, just follow the prompts
  • Creativity: This app stretches your imagination of what's possible
  • Professional: Editing Suite to create high quality trailers and projects

iMovie is a first class iPad App!  We LOVE it!  A must-have for your iPad App Collection.

I really cannot believe that it is so easy to make a movie or a spectacular movie trailer!

Never before would I have thought to make a movie, it was all way too complex.  This system uses a time line and you can add and remove clips easily, cut them, delete them etc.

We can make movies right on our iPad, wherever we are.  With the iPad 3 we can either take footage on the movie camera right there and then or use videos from the past that have been imported.  

You can use photos, add sound clips and a host of other mixing tools to help you to put it all together in an easy to use way.  Our 8 year old has already made several movies single-highhandedly using iMovie. 

Using iMovie to make a Trailer is just so much fun!! It promotes imaginative play, project management, self expression, collective planning and the final results are well worth the effort!!

You can easily make a trailer from a good range of genres, the music is so captivating and appropriate .  After you have made a movie or a trailer you can share it on Facebook and YouTube, so all your family and friends can enjoy it too.

Age Group: 6-Adult

View on the App Store: iMovie - Apple

Creating a TRAILER using iMovie: If you really want to have fun with this app you can make great movies WITH your children. Talk about the plot, the storyline and characters, plan the costumes and prepare them. Set the scenery and choose the locations. Your children then play the parts in the movie. Using the very clear iMovie prompts you can select the exact part of the movie that works best. Some Reading Required, but our kids could use this App at age 4