Angry Birds Space iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Angry Birds Space

Planetary gravity affects our flying friends...Physics-based game that works on trajectory!

Features of Angry Birds Space:

  • Geometrical physics puzzle with trajectory
  • AMAZINGLY CHALLENGING addition to the 'Angry Birds' collection
  • Fun game that promotes laughter and joy
  • Understand gravity and space, and their effect on moving bodies
  • Fully engaging, not as easy as it looks

Fling your birds through space and watch them get caught in the gravity of celestial objects. 

With some wonderfully creative birds, stunning graphics and a fun, feel good vibe, Angry Birds Space will leave you happy and puzzled by the next challenging levels...  

Gravity and space, and their effect on moving bodies, has been perfectly illustrated in this 'game'. Want to teach kids how asteroids turn into shooting stars... The same way the birds are 'caught' by the gravity of moons and planets.  

Age Group: 6-Adult

View on the App Store: Angry Birds Space HD - Rovio Entertainment Oyj

This is much more challenging than the original. Not for little ones.