Christmas Tree ™ iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Christmas Tree ™

Decorate Christmas Trees with baubles, lights, decorations and and relaxing with a selection of Christmas music!

Features of Christmas Tree ™:

  • Easy to use craft app with songs!
  • Choose from varied trees and at large range of decorations to make each creation unique.
  • Save the photo or send it to friends.
  • Choose the tree background and watch it animate with sparkling lights and moving snow.
  • Over 200 ornaments and decoration to choose from.
A fun way to enjoy the Christmas season on iPad. 
Personalise your picture by choosing your tree style, them simply touch the ornament, present or angel to have access to a host of colourful and fun decorations.  

Your chosen presents, ornaments and tree top decorations come floating down from the top of the screen landing in a pile at the bottom, which is fun for little ones!
Once complete click on MENU and you will see a range of options including: save photo, email photo and choose background. 

Age Group: 0-9

View on the App Store: Christmas Tree ™ - Sticky Ice Games

Although this app is powered by ads they are not in an obvious place.