Speech with Milo: Sequencing iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Speech with Milo: Sequencing

Developed by a speech pathologist, this App helps your child to understand the SEQUENCE of everyday events.

Features of Speech with Milo: Sequencing:

  • Story telling opportunity as your child goes through the sequence of events
  • Grammar and spelling enhancement as your older child can read the accompanying words and phrases
  • Understanding the concept that things in life happen in a particular order or sequence of events
  • Watching the story come to life keeps your child engaged
  • A wide selection of 35 different events which can be turned off and on in the settings menu provides good scope for toddler and young child learning

Milo, the cute mouse, is ready to compete a task. Three different pictures appear, showing certain aspects of the task at hand. Choose which 'event' comes first, second and third to complete the task successfully. When the sequence is correct your child is rewarded by an animation of Milo and his friend doing the sequence of events in order.  

A perfect App to sit with your child and discuss how the story or sequence progresses. 

Increasing the difficulty to match the skill level of your child. You can choose to HEAR the phrases, SEE the words, or even see A, B, C as a HINT. You can even turn all the options off, making the game play driven entirely by sight.  Each time your child gets the sequence in the correct order they hear applause which adds enhances their motivation for learning. 

After the sequence has been arranged correctly there is an option to PLAY an animation.  

Age Group: 0-5

View on the App Store: Speech with Milo: Sequencing - Doonan Speech Therapy

This app has American accents, so be aware of the voice repetition if you speak with an Aussie or British accent! There is a comprehensive 'How To' which you can go through with your child. The developer is keen to ensure you both have a positive and rewarding educational experience!