Eggy Alphabet iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Eggy Alphabet

Excellent fully comprehensive alphabet learning app for young children and toddlers.

Features of Eggy Alphabet:

  • Learn Upper and Lower case letter formations in a number of different ways.
  • Learn your alphabet while having lots of fun and using repetition.
  • Learn how words are formed using first and last letters.
  • Wide range of goals to achieve which motivate and challenge your child.
  • Progress is recorded by individual child as each child has their own account.
This brilliant app has 4 main activities for each alphabetical letter both Upper and lower case, plus one phonetic game.  The letters can be scrolled through alphabetically and selected randomly by letter. 

Within these activities there are Easy, Medium and Hard and within each level you need to complete the task 6 times to gain 1 golden egg.  
As well as golden egg rewards, you can unlock the 'critters' to add some additional challenges.  

There is a possibility to achieve 6 golden eggs for completing the task up to 6 times...this adds up to a LOT of practise!  

The activities are Dot to Dot, Copy the Letter, Draw the Letter,  Letter or Not? plus The Letter Game
 Great for toddlers, special needs and for any child practising to write. 

All in all this is a wonderfully educational app.  You can use a stylus to make the activity more like using a pen. 

Age Group: 0-5

View on the App Store: Eggy Alphabet - Blake eLearning

There are detailed HELP instructions within the app and you can. Turn off the music and the sound if you do not want to hear the narration. See how you child is progressing easily using the progress chart. More than one child can use this app by entering in a unique account.