First Words Deluxe iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: First Words Deluxe

Excellent first reading App covering letters, words and phonics for toddlers & young children

Features of First Words Deluxe:

  • Learn to read with letters and phonics
  • Wide range of over 150 words from various subjects to assist with vocabulary building
  • Learn to read using auditory and visual cues to enhancing your child's educational experience
  • Recognise letters both in upper and lower case as well as the proper use of capitalisation
  • Bright and colourful illustrations stimulate your child's imagination

Great app for learning to read and recognise letters & word construction.  With 5 different categories of words available in the Deluxe version (Animals, At Home, Colours, Shapes & Vehicles) there is plenty to keep your child engaged. 

First Words is for learning to spell and enhancing letter recognition.  Simply drag the letters onto letter-spaces to form the word. When you tap on a letter a voice says the name of the letter.  Drag and place it into the word and the word is spelled out, a picture of the word spins around, and another word appears.

The wide range of settings means you can use this App with toddlers and older children.  The settings can be changed to match the skill level of your child.    

This is the perfect method for learning how to read and spell.

Age Group: 3-9

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Excellent first reading app covering letters, words and phonics for toddlers & young children. This is a MUST HAVE on an young child's iPad Education list! Once you have shown your child how to use the App it is a self-starting educational activity.