Forestpals Autumn - An educational adventure for preschoolers iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Forestpals Autumn - An educational adventure for preschoolers

Storybook adventure for toddlers, young children and special needs, with lots of interactivity, music and colour!

Features of Forestpals Autumn - An educational adventure for preschoolers:

  • 3D animated imagery creates a beautiful forest story that plays like a movie
  • Your child sees friendly, helpful characters who are good mentors
  • 6 educational activites to play
  • Enhance memory, positioning and creativity
  • Short engaging story with games to play throughout.
Forest Pals is a short interactive story book for young children and toddlers.  With games interspersed it is perfect for a young pre-reader.  The book plays like a movie that your child watches and then they will complete the tasks along the way.

Meet the very loveable forest animals of squirrel, fox, rabbit, bird, hedgehog and deer. 

The narrator guides you through the story stopping along the way for your child to complete the short puzzles or activities including memory match, shapes, jigsaw, colouring, cake decorating and sorting. 

The play area can be accessed at the end and all 6 games can be found to play.  

Age Group: 0-5

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