GoSkyWatch Planetarium for iPad - Astronomy Guide iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: GoSkyWatch Planetarium for iPad - Astronomy Guide

View the solar system like never before! Point your iPad and be amazed!

Features of GoSkyWatch Planetarium for iPad - Astronomy Guide:

  • It's one of the most amazing Apps for iPad ever
  • See the relative position of the stars and planets
  • Learn more about our galaxy and solar system
  • You can start by stargazing from inside
  • A wonderful way to begin astronomy

Right now in the west, Alpha Centauri is shining just above the horizon. Facing east, the moon and Neptune have both just risen and will continue to light up the sky for several hours.  I know both of these things because I am standing outside in the dark on my front terrace, using this amazing iPad App. Lifting the iPad above my head and moving it across the sky, the stars which I can see behind the iPad are illuminated on the iPad screen.  Holding it down allows me to see the location of the stars and planets in the solar system - straight through the planet!  Incredible!

Really hi-tech sci-fi stuff!!

Not only will it show you the location of the stars, planets, galaxies, and other planetary bodies, but you can see their relative location during the day, or even from inside the house!  T

This app is so easy to use, you literally just point it in the direction of the sky and it does the rest for you, a great app for learning all about the sky, even if you aren't big on astronomy this is WELL WORTH IT!

This is a truly amazing app which utilises the features of the iPad in a way I never would have thought possible... but now I find myself using on a regular basis. 

Age Group: 6-Adult

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If your children have any interest in the stars, planets, and outer space, this app is a must have! Amazing for anyone at any age!