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Entertainment Kids Apps

Entertain yourself or be entertained? These apps can help you BE entertained or join in the fun and MAKE entertainment!The iPad has transformed the way Entertainment occurs in our family. It's replaced every other entertainment device. No more TV (except to AirPlay what's on iPad and Apple TV), no more DVD player, walkman, radios or other music systems...

Each of these iPad Apps are high quality and are Apps we recommend. We only put our favourite (10 out of 10) apps on iPadFamily.com.au - Our most recent additions are listed first.

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Entertainment Kids Apps we recommend:

Relax & Sleep Well

Hypnosis to aid relaxation and peaceful sleep that really works plus more tips on de-stressing and self hypnosis.


Read anytime you have your iPad with you! An excellent selection of books on offer for Kindle!


Brilliant way of making movies right on your iPad!

TED - Technology Entertainment Design

Watching leading speakers from around the globe give presentations on their areas of expertise all for free!