iTrace — handwriting for kids iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: iTrace — handwriting for kids

Totally comprehensive Learn to Write app with excellent work records and statistics by child.

Features of iTrace — handwriting for kids:

  • Learn upper and lower case letters, words and numbers
  • Learn the correct movements needed to create the letter or number
  • Practise writing in a fun way
  • Learn to write in an interactive way with image reinforcement
  • Check your progress, see common mistakes, see your statistics
Choose from upper and lower case letters, numbers and words.  Each letter or number or word is shown.  
Trace the correct way 3 times and collect 3 stars.  
See a word appear, beginning with that letter, with a picture alongside. This helps your child's vocabulary. Search for that hidden object in the picture. 

In the Words section you can customise it by player.  Add individual words to your child's portfolio.  Add family members using names and photographs, to encourage and teach your child.  You can choose their favourite toys to photograph and then help them learn how to spell them. 

There are 5 scenes: camp, arctic, beach, circus, farm.  Each has 5 words and associated pictures to spell.  This is added value and fun!  The scene comes to life with a short animation.

There are worksheets that you can print out to encourage children to write as well as trace on iPad. 

Age Group: 3-9

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The statistics accompanying this educational writing app are exceptional. You can view, by player, common mistakes, letters completed today, weekly, monthly and all time, all letters, numbers and words and by date. There is a search facility within the stats. There is an excellent tutorial in the parents zone, it is well worth reading.