iWrite Words (Handwriting Game) iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: iWrite Words (Handwriting Game)

This unique use of tracing and practicing letter construction is fun and informative.

Features of iWrite Words (Handwriting Game):

  • Letter Recognition and Formation.
  • Spelling of simple words.
  • Simple Word formation and phonetics.
  • Simple Physics, as the letters drop down and disappear.
  • Focus on a task.

This is an app that teaches handwriting is an easy and fun way.  It is captivating for little ones and it uses the touch-ability of iPad well.  

You need to 'follow' little animated ants, in the correct direction, in order to replicate the letter and word.  

This app shows you the correct place to start forming your letter, teaching good handwriting habits from the beginning. The added fun of the letters falling around the screen and eventually dropping down a hole in the right hand corner makes the app even more fun. 

The ants might be a bit distracting for some children as there is so much fun chasing them around in the correct number sequence rather than paying attention to the WAY or direction in which the ants are moving. I believe the best way to learn is to have fun, so thumbs up for this creatively educational app.

We recommend this app for children ages 3 - 8 although all children who are learning to read and write English will benefit from it.

Age Group: 3-9

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Although this app is good to teach the formation of the letters it cannot replace penmanship. We cannot draw with our fingers in the real world and children need to practice their letters using a stylus or traditional pen and paper alongside their iPad.