Tiny Firefighters iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Tiny Firefighters

Toddler touch and watch app that is beautiful, creative and totally fun!

Features of Tiny Firefighters:

  • Watch your delighted toddler as they see what happens when they touch the pictures
  • A huge range of tappable illustrations that do all sorts of fun things
  • Teaches your child some of the things that happen in a Fire Station and a Police Station
  • Enhances eye hand coordination and fine motor skills
  • Demonstrates cause and effect as your child helps to rescue animals, put out fires and helps lost children, all with a finger tap
Policemen and women, superheroes, dog trainers, helicopters, cars, horses, moles, birds,  lawn mowing, musicians, body guards, firefighters...so many characters to tap and watch what they do!  

Your child can select illustrations in any order and they will do something.  It is fun to watch each character come to life, and they sometimes do more than one thing...so keep tapping!

This app also teaches your young child about the role of a firefighter and a police officer as well as being entertaining and fun. 

One tap and the cow jumps into the water...and brings along the fire engine...with another tap your child controls the rescuing fire engine to bring the cow from the lake.  More adventures like this are in store...

Age Group: 0-5

View on the App Store: Tiny Firefighters - wonderkind GmbH

This is a simple app with cute illustrations and great accompanying sounds that really is fun...even for adults and older children! Perfect for special needs and toddlers.