Lazy Larry Lizard bedtime story book for preschoolers iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Lazy Larry Lizard bedtime story book for preschoolers

Cute little book about a lizard who wants to relax in the sun undisturbed...

Features of Lazy Larry Lizard bedtime story book for preschoolers:

  • A touchable kids book with a wonderful story
  • Wonderful character with a happy ending
  • Beautifully drawn, colourful illustrations offering us nice 'together time' to read using our iPad
  • Larry's reactions to your touch highlight cause and effect
  • Great environmental message to leave animals in their natural habitat where possible

This book is so beautifully illustrated and promotes positive learning. Valuable morals are presented in an fun interactive storybook which gets your child both engaged and involved.

You can only 'poke' Larry once, which is great, but when it comes to stroking him you can do that over and over again making him smile, this delights the little ones, they giggle and smile with Larry!  

Both Larry book apps have an wonderfully aware environmental bias.  Animals are best left in their natural habitat undisturbed. 

It is not for us to 'poke' and 'prod' and 'chase' them in order to see how they react.  Always treat them with kindness and leave them alone unless they need your help.

Great selection of follow-up books by this developer too! 

Valuable Teaching Lesson: This app is so cute that everyone would be happy to have a turn at poking Larry... ...and then learn that he prefers to be touched gently... hmm ...don't we all? You can read it to your child or choose the Read to Me option.