Monster Physics™ iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Monster Physics™

Monster Physics engages children in building machines and contraptions that work!

Features of Monster Physics™:

  • Very engaging learning activity
  • Many learning levels and free-play activities
  • Understand real physics concepts by manipulating objects and watching them react to the environment
  • Create imaginary contraptions based on physics principles
  • Progress through the lessons, learning as you go
Lessons about physics concepts, such as: gravity, speed and velocity, friction, acceleration, mass, density and force. These lessons are practically illustrated with moving pieces, teaching the concepts in words as well as pictures.

Dozens of missions which increase in difficulty make this App both educational and entertaining.  The purpose of Missions is to control the movements of machines and achieve the goals. For instance; picking up food with a crane, racing along a track (by controlling the acceleration), getting your monster to fly in a controlled manner, and more.   Each task is challenging and relies on your knowledge of physics to guide you through.

Connect parts together using loose joints, arm joints, motor joints, ropes and chains. Give your invention a boost with a rocket, stabilizer, propeller, wings or hover-bot. Even add a cannon!  Add magnets, electromagnets, rockets and claws!  

Age Group: 6-12

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