Muffin Knight iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Muffin Knight

Unique platform game with an interesting range of characters & superpowers!

Features of Muffin Knight:

  • Fine Motor Skills: Improved Hand/Eye co-ordination
  • Fast action: Your character is constantly changing and you need to keep up with this
  • Confidence Building: Level ups are available so you can chart your progress
  • A Fun and entertaining game in a fantasy word
  • Great value for money, hours of game time

This is a colourful platform game. You enter a magical fairytale world and take on the persona of the "Muffin Knight" and must find and return all the fairy's muffins in order to be freed of the curse and be restored to your former self!  The curse causes you to transform into a host of 18 different magical characters during the game.  

These characters become available to you as you 'level up' and you do this by collecting muffins.  Every time you pick up a muffin you turn into a different character with a unique power to use.  The excitement to uncover and unlock the next cute character and their equivalent 'super power' is great to witness. There are also extra bonuses to be gained along the way for added fun!  

The 'enemies' in this case are different in each level, and they include rams, dragons, werewolves, turtles and other obstacles.  These hand illustrated characters come bounding towards at increasing rates and you need to stop from getting to the middle of the game board.  You can stop them using your different magical powers.  The ultimate objective of the game is to defeat the 'Lava King'.

Try to collect the muffins by either eliminating or dodging the 'enemies'. 

Challenging and stimulating - make sure to monitor kids play as this game can get quite stressful.  Fun but still battle-oriented.


Age Group: 6-12

View on the App Store: Muffin Knight - Angry Mob Games

This a unusual concept in general and the opening story is a little crude in places, but I feel the 18 different magical characters that the Muffin Knight turns into and their unique powers still make it a fun game.