Scribblenauts Remix iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Scribblenauts Remix

Totally unique game of creativity, problem solving and unlimited imagination...type in any word and watch it come to life!

Features of Scribblenauts Remix:

  • Use your imagination to solve the problems with lots of different alternatives
  • 5 worlds with 10 puzzles in each gives lots of challenge
  • Great for children just learning to spell as it inspires and challenges them
  • Playground option with 8 different worlds to play in, without any puzzles to solve
  • It's so such fun to create anything from your mind and watch it come to life!

It is much harder to describe this excellently constructed game than it is to play it! 

There are 50 levels to this game.  Each level has a problem or situation that Maxwell (or the other avatars) find themselves in, that needs to be solved using creations from your imagination.  Within each level you are given a scene with your objective. 

The 'playground' area has 8 different environments and is freestyle mode.  Here you can choose anything without the need to solve a puzzle. 

You can skip levels and do not need to complete them in chronological order. 


Age Group: 6-Adult

View on the App Store: Scribblenauts Remix - Warner Bros.

Younger players can use the microphone feature on the keyboard (on Siri enabled iPad's) to speak the word rather than type it, although spelling it is educationally very valuable. Reading Required.