My Kingdom for the Princess II iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: My Kingdom for the Princess II

Creative and unique strategy simulation game providing hours of gameplay!

Features of My Kingdom for the Princess II:

  • Magical characters in a fantasy realm: Game play in a world different to our own stretches the imagination
  • Time Management Skills
  • Independent thought & Creativity: Unique gameplay, you choose from a host of different possible combinations
  • Strategy Planning and Organisational Skills
  • Multi-tasking: the ability to handle more than one idea at a time is enhanced

Fun game set in a magical kingdom where you are the brave Arthur on another quest. The sequel to My Kingdom for the Princess. 

This time you and your new wife Princess, Helen, are stranded on an island with no means of returning home after your hot air balloon is too damaged to use to get home.  The islanders offer their help in return for Arthur helping to clean up the land...this is of course what Arthur does best! 

Enjoy hours of game play as you make your way through 64 levels with exciting challenges across 5 fantasy lands, each offering their own unique obstacles. 

Test your time management, strategy planning, decisiveness, creativity and much much more!  

This long awaited sequel is enjoyed by fans - and was certainly worth the wait... (additional note: I just realised My Kingdom for the Princess 3 is out - yahoo!)

This is one of my favourite all time iPad Apps!

Age Group: 6-Adult

View on the App Store: My Kingdom for the Princess II HD - Nevosoft LLC

This is a perfect game for siblings to teach each other. Our youngest is actually playing it so it could be eligible for a 'bright' toddler 4 years old. Reading Required.