Over iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Over

Designing made easy - Make posters, postcards, photographs with text in this easy to use, well designed app, it's the one you've been waiting for!

Features of Over:

  • Design posters using photographs or illustrations, add text and format it in 5 easy steps
  • Unleash your creativity in this simple to use design app for adults and even young children
  • So easy to use you can design a beautiful poster in minutes all from the comfort of your sofa
  • Add image, add text, edit, font, save and share
  • Excellent range of editing choices to provide unique designs every time
This is the best app I have found for designing posters with photographs and text easily and quickly!

Start by adding an image from your library or by taking a photograph.  Position it and choose your text and colour.  Colours change at the touch of your fingers so you can easily see what works best before moving on.

The comprehensive easy to use edit functions include:
Text alignment, text  size and opacity, crop, tint, positioning, line & character spacing. 

There are other excellent add-ons available such as artwork and additional fonts to add those unique finishing touches! 

Save and export to all the major social networking sites.

You can even save it a postcard and have it printed and sent anywhere in the world!

Age Group: 9-Adult

View on the App Store: Over Edit & Add Text to Photos - Over, Inc.

Great for everything from home made birthday cards to memes. One of my personal favourite apps of all time! Minimal reading required.